Landholders encouraged to return to school to learn new tricks

Landholders encouraged to return to school to learn new tricks

Landholders throughout the Western region that are looking to improve their relationship with their working dogs are encouraged to attend a two-day course at the Weilmoringle Working Dog School which will be held at the nearby Merringina Station.

The event, on Friday, 19 May 2017 and Saturday, 20 May 2017, will be run by professional working dog trainer Dave Whitby and enable participants to have hands-on experience in the sheep yards with their own dog.

With a majority of landholders working on large scale properties in the Western region, the value of having a strong understanding with your working dogs cannot be understated.

Mr Whitby believes having a reliable working dog that you know you can clearly communicate with is an extremely important asset for landholders.

“Landholders need to realise that their dogs are working tools and they need to be able to operate them effectively to get the job done well and in a timely fashion,” Mr Whitby said.

“A lot of what I will cover will be basic stockmanship and pointing people in the right direction to ensure their dogs are clearly getting their instructions.

“I’ve worked on large properties and the working dogs play a massive part in firstly the time it takes to get mustering jobs completed and secondly the overall production of the property.”

Each landholder taking part in the course is permitted to bring two animals for training.

The course is free for landholders, with the cost of the training funded by House with No Steps, in conjunction with Western Landcare and Western Local Land Services.

Course numbers are limited so ensure you RSVP to confirm your spot. Participants are welcome to stay overnight at the property and this should be included in the RSVP.

Meals will be supplied thanks to sponsorship from NSW Red Cross, with participants required to bring their own chair, drinks, and swag if they are staying overnight.