NAB responds to mice plague with relief package and wellbeing support

NAB has announced financial support measures for customers who have been impacted by the mice plague in NSW.

Customers who need help are encouraged to visit their nearest NAB branch, contact their banker directly or call NAB Assist on 1800 701 599. For NAB Assist business support, customers can call 1300 961 577.

NAB Executive Regional and Agribusiness, Julie Rynski, said the relief measures would help impacted customers manage the financial impacts of the plague.

“This mice plague is devastating farmers, particularly their ability to protect their business against potential future droughts in storing feed and grains,” Ms Rynski said.

NAB customers impacted by the mice plague can access relief measures including:

  • Waiving the application fee for restructuring business facilities;
  • Deferral of principal payments on business loan and/or leasing payments;
  • Waiving costs and charges for withdrawing term deposits early (including Farm Management Deposits);
  • Credit card and personal loan relief;
  • Offering reduction on home loan and personal loan repayments or moratoriums;
  • MyCoach wellbeing support for colleagues and customers.

“We can’t underestimate the impact that something like this has on the mental health of the community either. It affects every part of our farmers’ lives and those around them,” Ms Rynski said.

“Many rural communities don’t have easy access to psychological support, but there are services out there that can assist farmers. It’s important they can access the help that’s right for them, regardless of where they live or their life circumstances.”

Rural people’s access to psychologists is less than a fifth of the rate of people in cities. Last month, the NAB Foundation provided a $35,000 Community Grant to Rural Health Connect, an online platform that links people in rural Australia to psychologists.

Consultation can take place over video calls and phone calls, helping to manage the impacts of drought, bushfire, floods and isolation.

Source: NAB