Pacific Seeds boosts grazing oats business

Pacific Seeds boosts grazing oats business

Pacific Seeds has moved to reinvigorate its forages business by bringing together its summer and winter forage portfolios.

In line with this move, they have also created a product development role focussed solely on forage sorghum and grazing oats.

The Forage Development Lead role has been filled by Wayne Chesher who has a strong background in Pacific Seeds’ research division.

Summer grains and forage business manager, Andrew Short said Wayne’s appointment and the alignment of the forage businesses will help drive innovation and new varieties, chiefly within the grazing oat portfolio.

“Our experienced senior research officer Wayne Chesher took up the role of forage lead in November and will work towards developing and testing new forage products, including oats, and assist in the promotion of these in the marketplace.”

Mr Chesher has been working at Pacific Seeds for 12 years, starting his career in the forage breeding program before spending the past six years in the grain sorghum program.

“I will have oats trials up and running soon, initially with sites at our Gatton research farm, on the central and southern Darling Downs, north western NSW, western Downs and the Liverpool Plains.”

He said the company’s focus has always been on yield and rust resistance and this will continue for future releases.

“What we’ve always done is release an oats variety with leaf rust resistance.

“Other characteristics we look for are quick early growth, late maturity and quick regrowth after grazing.”

Mr Chesher said with recent rainfall providing a wet finish to a very dry summer, grazing oats provide an opportunity for growers to produce high quality feed over autumn.

“Oats are generally quicker to grow than grasses, especially over winter, so they allow farmers to fill that feed gap.”

Pacific Seeds currently produces Taipan for quick early feed, Comet for rust resistance and yield, and Drover for its versatility across winter and spring.

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Image: Pacific Seeds forage development lead Wayne Chesher